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Seattle’s Child - New Seattle service exchanges your kids’ outgrown clothes for new things they need

Nobody knows how fast kids grow better than the person doing all that laundry. Babies are the worst offenders, typically tripling in weight in their first year.

What’s a parent to do? West Seattle mom Shauna Causey found herself ordering clothes online (too much packaging) or running around buying off Facebook groups (too much time) for clothes her son sometimes outgrew before he even wore them.


Geek Wire - Marketing vet Shauna Causey heads up new kids clothing startup

Long-time Seattle marketing veteran Shauna Causey launches new startup called Relovable - a smart matching service that allows families to swap children’s clothing, books, and toys within a neighborhood.


Trendscaping - Upcycling at Relovable

Upcycling has made a huge contribution to product design, supply chain, and economics within various industries, but a new startup aims to spread the movement to the fastest growing community of individuals: toddlers.

Founded by Shauna Causey as a solution to her quickly growing baby, newly launched matches and delivers gently-loved clothing, toys, and books from local parents based on each kid’s size, style, and preferences.